Measures we are taking to ensure your safety

P.S.A......The Corona virus is here so we have to deal with it. We should continue to live our lives but we should also be proactive.

We are looking forward to conducting Estate Sales and getting back to work, however before we do we want to go over the extreme measures we are taking to ensure everyone’s safety. These measures will not be negotiable. We understand everyone must make their own choices, however we feel this is the best way to protect everyone. If you don’t agree with these we unfortunately won’t be able to serve you.

Prior to every sale we will disinfect all contents in the home. We utilize professional equipment and sanitizers that will ensure the entire home is safe. 

The sale will now be conducted on Fridays and Saturdays and we will again disinfect everything after each day.

All customers entering the sale must wear a mask and use hand sanitizer that we will provide at the door.

We will only allow enough people in that allows at least 6’ distance. We will have staff on hand that will monitor the distancing to ensure everyone’s safety.

Cash will only be handed to the cashier and we no longer accept coins under any circumstances. We will round up or down. If you have questions ask.

We ask that you only pick up or touch items that you are interested in and not just browsing.

All large items that require multiple people to move must be picked up at 3pm-3:30pm on Saturday after all customers have exited.

You will be in one of the safest environments and the air quality will be superb.

All staff will be healthy and will not work if they have the slightest ailment.

We will not shake hands or hug and will keep our contact to a minimum.

I’ve read that many other companies plan on going strictly online with their sales and although that is an option I think it’s important to live your life. I believe the extreme measures we are taking can put your mind at ease.

We sincerely thank you and look forward to seeing you at our next sale!