VIP membership

VIP membership
Jan 8 update:

Members benefits kicks in next sale on the 14th. You'll get an additional 10% off always, even on sale items. Numbers only passed out to members so don't wait. Great savings and benefits. If you're not a member it's ok but then it's $5 entry fee and no additional 10% discounts. Your entry fee will be non refundable, however it will be applied to your purchase. You will not receive Member privileges.


Clarification. Memberships will be $60 for the entire year. That will gain you unlimited access to Lady antiquity and back to the future estate sales. If you choose not to purchase a membership it will be five dollars entry fee at the door. If you spend $20 or more your $5 will go towards your purchase.The $30 Buy in is to attend pre sale events. This is optional. Members will save an additional 10% off at all times including pre sales and day one of our sale. Here's an example:

Day one

You purchase $100
You receive $10 off

Day two (we advertise 20% off)

You purchase $100
You receive $20 off plus another 10% which is $8. You save $28

This program is designed to reward our loyal customers who frequent our sales on a weekly basis. 

This is an optional membership. If you only come now and then you will pay a $5 entry fee.

Please refer all questions to David by simply replying to this text.


Beginning Jan 7, 2021 Back To The Future and Lady Antiquity will offer VIP memberships. Memberships will be $60 per year paid up front and will provide you with many savings and benefits. Memberships are not required, however if you decline our membership there will be a $5 entry fee per sale. If you spend $20 or more your $5 will go towards your purchase.Membership will allow you the following benefits:

  • Free entry to all estate sales by Back To The Future and Lady Antiquity.
  • An additional 10% off at all times, even during sales.
  • Exclusive invites to attend pre sales. There will be a $30 entry fee and if you spend $200 or more the $30 will be applied to your purchase.
  • Membership card that allows you and your spouse unlimited entry.
  • Member only invites to Free give 
  • Member only promotions and discounts.


  • Memberships are for calendar year and are non refundable.
  • Membership cards are the property of and may be revoaked for rules violations.
  • Membership cards are not to be shared and are for the card holder and their spouse only.
  • All memberships must be paid in full in advance.
If you do not participate in the membership program you will be required to pay a $5 entry fee per sale and this is not negotiable.

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