David Constable
27 Mar

In a world where it’s hard to find Estate Sale Companies with honesty and integrity you must be educated when hiring anyone to handle the contents of your estate. I’m going to go over some common practices that you should not only stay away from but run! During your consultation if any of this is part of their agreement just say no!

  1. You must leave your house and turn it over to us for weeks. Many family members utilize the home during their time to grieve. Asking them to find a place to stay for weeks is unreasonable and insensitive. It is normal to ask family members to not be there during the actual sale from 9-3 but it is not ok to ask them to give up the house for weeks 
  2. We will bring in our own items. Never allow this to happen. This takes away from your sale and also takes away from the customer experience since most customers have already viewed these items at a past sale.
  3. We don’t keep track of any items sold. Legitimate companies will keep track of large ticket items and provide that list upon request. It is very tedious to track every item in the estate, however it is not difficult to track higher dollar items.Transparency is very important in building trust.
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