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Experience matters! Choose a company with a proven track record. Badges and shiny certifications are nice, however it is all fluff. Choose a company that can show you proof of past estates and provide references upon request.
We can handle the smallest estates all the way up to multi million estates. With Back To The Future Estate Sales you’ll receive superior service no matter what size estate you have. We pride ourself on being the best of the best.

If you want to conduct your own sale or don’t have enough contents to hire a professional we have a solution. Click here.   My Own Estate Sale

Back To The Future Estate Sales is the leader in Estate Sale liquidation. We are experts at advertising and have a huge data base of loyal customers. We are the only Estate Sale company who’s customers are members. We’ve taken Estate Sales to a new level and created an environment of excitement along with raising the bar and eliminating yard sale shoppers who devalue your inventory. Our customers are smart shoppers who appreciate a great deal but do not haggle over prices. Our obligation is to the Estate and with Back To The Future you not only receive first class service but you receive top dollar for your items.

When choosing an Estate Sale Company to sell the contents of your estate you should ask certain questions. These questions will essentially allow you to make the best decision in the handling of your treasured items. Many companies do not disclose this information unless you ask. Please understand that there are no governing agencies that oversee the Estate sale industry and any company displaying awards or certifications are paying for those. The best way to vet an Estate Sale company is to ask for references from prior sales. You should always look at past sales on as well.

  • Are your employees professionally trained?
  • Do your employees dress professionally?
  • Do your employees smoke while at work?
  • Do you provide security measures and if so what?
  • Do you advertise the sale and if so where?
  • Do you have a data base of customers that you contact when you have an upcoming sale?
  • Do you have set prices on each of your sales days?
  • Are there any out of pocket fees?
  • What happens with the contents after the sale?
  • When should I receive payment after the sale?

Back To The Future employees are professionally trained and are always dressed appropriately.

All of our employees are non smokers.

We offer one way in and one way out and have an employee at the exit to ensure items have been paid for.

We advertise extensively and this is what really separates us from the rest. We have a huge data base of customers who receive exclusive text messages when we have a new sale. In addition to our database we advertise via social media as well as our website. We even place signs directing potential customers to your front door the days of the sale.

We have set prices for each day and only vary if it is a substantial purchase. Our goal is to bring in as much money for the estate as possible. Day one is 100%. Day two is 20-30% off. Day three is 50% off. Dealers do not receive discounts on day one.

We never charge any upfront fees! An advertising fee of $150 will come out of the total profits prior to calculating our commission and your payout.

When the sale is over the contents belongs to the Estate. We can remove all contents and an estimate will be provided at that time.

When the sale is completed you can expect payment within 3 business days. All payments are mailed out in the form of a company check.
Back To The Future Estate Sales was founded after 15 years of hands on experience. With hundreds of sales under our belt, Back To The Future is poised to exceed all of your expectations. Our philosophy is very simple. Treat People with kindness and compassion and conduct all sales with integrity and professionalism. In addition to conducting the liquidation of your Estates contents after the loss of a loved one we also specialize in the following.

  • Living Estate Sales
  • Downsizing
  • Relocation sales
Back To The Future was born out of the need to help people go through a tough transition.After the loss of our Mother my sister Sharon Roberts (Lady Antiquity) started an Estate Sale Company along with my help. As Director of Marketing and advertising I worked along side my Sister helping hundreds of people through tough times. During my tenure we realized a huge growth going from one sale per month to one sale per week. Rest assured that when you choose us you are choosing a company with experience, Compassion and integrity.

Please call us today 813-507-3622 so we can offer you a no obligation consultation. It's FREE and we're here to help you even if you don't choose us.

Back to the Future Estate Sales is a Veteran owned and operated business. In addition we are a Christian based company.
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Staging and organizing
Pictures and video tour
Conducting of sale
End of sale and possible clear out
Payment of proceeds and commissions

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Membership is optional! You do not have to be a member to shop.

​Memberships must be paid using cash only at the register.

Back To The Future and Lady Antiquity will offer VIP memberships. Memberships will be $60 per year paid up front and will provide you with many savings and benefits.Membership will allow you the following benefits:

  • An additional 10% off at all times, even during sales.
  • Exclusive invites to attend pre sales.
  • Membership card that allows you and your spouse unlimited entry.
  • Member only invites to Free give aways.
  • Member only promotions and discounts.


  • Memberships are for calendar year and are non refundable.
  • Membership cards are the property of and may be revoaked for rules violations.
  • Membership cards are not to be shared and are for the card holder and their spouse only.
  • All memberships must be paid in full in advance.

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To better serve our customers and to streamline our checkout process the following will be implemented. 

The following items will not be part of our daily discount promotions. They will have a fixed price that will apply to everyday of the sale.

Any food products including spices

Cleaning supplies both home and auto


Dvd, Cd, records, cassettes, 8 tracks

Jewelry (except costume)

These items will not be discounted!

* Members will always receive 10% discount. Membership has its privileges.

Military Circle Mall

Military Circle Mall


Breaking News! As Marketing Director for Lady Antiquity and owner of Back to The Future Estate Sales, David Constable secured the massive 900,000 Sq Ft. contract to liquidate Historic Military Circle Mall. Through his Digital marketing and advertising expertise he’s taking high end and luxury Estate Sales to a new level. If you are looking to liquidate a large property or someone who has the experience and expertise with luxury sales look no further. Call David today for your free consultation.757-542-5093

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  • Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Back To The Future... A Lady Antiquity LLC company.

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  • Hertford North Carolina

  • Military Circle Mall

Treasures From The Past

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Steven Bettner is the operator of Back To The Future in the Tampa Bay market. Steven is professional, experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of conducting and Estate Sale. Rest assured your in good h

Call Steven today for you’re Free, no obligation in home consultation


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🎉 Exciting News! 🛍️ Heide’s Hodgepodgery is having an amazing closeout sale from September 2nd to September 4th, 9 AM to 3 PM at Trendy Treasures (1361 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA 23452). Don't miss out on these incredible deals:

🪑 Vintage/Antique Furniture
🍷 Vintage Glassware
🧸 Vintage Children’s Items
🎁 Collectible Figurines
💍 Jewelry and Jewelry Armoires
👑 Madame Alexander Collectibles

All items are discounted from 30% to 50% off! Tell your friends and make sure to save the date on your calendar. See you there! 🎊

Customer Story number 1

Stay tuned for cool customer stories of how they found hidden treasures. Share their experiences as they pick their way through sale after sale searching for that one,”It item!”

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Dear Valued Customers,

We appreciate your interest in our estate sale liquidation services and your desire for wholesale pricing. At Back To The Future Estate Sales, our primary focus is to respectfully honor the estate and ensure a fair transition of its possessions to new homes.

Our commitment to maintaining the integrity of the estate sale process means that we primarily serve end-users who value and cherish these items as part of their personal collections or homes. Offering wholesale pricing can diminish the estate's value and the meaningful connections that its possessions hold.

We are dedicated to providing a professional and respectful experience for both our clients and buyers. While we understand your request for wholesale pricing, we kindly ask for your understanding in our decision to prioritize the estate's legacy.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our estate sale process, please feel free to reach out to us. We're here to assist you and ensure a successful estate sale experience.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

David Constable 
Back To The Future Estate Sales